Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Division of the Allen County Court of Common Pleas hears all proceedings in which a child is the primary subject of a complaint and is alleged to be delinquent or unruly, dependent, neglected or abused, or to be a Juvenile Traffic or Juvenile Tobacco Offender. The Juvenile Court also hears child custody cases involved children not the ward of another Ohio Court, parent-child relationship cases to identify the parent of a child and enforce the obligation of support, and adult criminal proceedings involving misdemeanor offenses relating to children, such as contributing to delinquency and unruliness, child endangering and parental educational neglect. The Juvenile Court also accepts for filing Childcare Powers of Attorney and Grandparent Caretaker Affidavits.

The Juvenile Courts of Ohio were created by the legislature for the purpose of providing for the care, protection and development of children, whenever possible in a family environment, separating the child from the child’s parents only when necessary for the child’s welfare or in the interest of public safety; and, to provide judicial procedures under which the laws relating to children are executed and enforced and in which the parties are assured of a fair hearing in which their constitutional and other legal rights are recognized and enforced.

The Court operates the Allen County Juvenile Court Treatment and Detention Center as a part of the David O. Steiner Juvenile Services Center. The Court also operates its own Juvenile Probation Department, a Diversion Services Department and a Day Treatment Program, with a total court staff of 79.

Allen County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division
1000 Wardhill Avenue
Lima, Ohio 45805